Ensure a clean and enjoyable hot tub experience.
Protect your investment and keep your hot tub in top condition with our powerful hot tub chemicals. Our products are designed to keep your spa running smoothly and efficiently, so you can relax and enjoy your oasis.

Water care chemicals available from Coast Spas
Bromine Starter Kit
SKU: 2BCA-100003-EA
The Coast Spas Starter Kits includes everything you need to keep your spa water clean and clear. Kit includes sanitizer, shock, and water conditioners in addition to the required balancing products to keep your water comfortable and fresh.
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Chlorine Starter Kit
SKU: 2BCA-100002-EA
The Coast Spas Starter Kits includes everything you need to keep your spa water clean and clear. Kit includes sanitizer, shock, and water conditioners in addition to the required balancing products to keep your water comfortable and fresh.
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Brominating Tablets
SKU: 2BCA-200001-CS
Keep your tub sparkling clean and healthy with our easy-to-use Brominating tabs, which can be dispensed through an adjustable floating feeder to maintain the optimal level of 3-5 ppm bromine.

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SKU: 2BCA-200002-CS
With Ex-Brom, you can achieve instant and hassle-free sanitization of your pool or hot tub by adding it directly to the water while the circulation system runs and maintains a residual level of 3-5 ppm with daily testing.

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SKU: 2BCA-200003-CS
Revitalize your hot tub water with Shock, the nonhalogenated oxidizing agent that eliminates nitrous waste buildup, reducing the need for excessive disinfection use.

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SKU: 2BCA-200004-CS
Enjoy a premium hot tub experience with Harmonize, the specially blended product that removes impurities, clarifies water, and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky, without increasing PH.
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Mini Pucks
SKU: 2BCA-200005-CS
Keep your hot tub water clean and clear for days with Mini Pucks slow release and stabilized chlorine formula, easily dispensed through a floating feeder or skimmer basket.
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SKU: 2BCA-200006-CS
Keep your hot tub water clean and hygenic with Sanetize, the highly effective dischloride-based sanitizer recommended by some hot tub manufacturers and maintain a chlorine level of 3-5 ppm to control bacteria and algae.
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Stain & Scale
SKU: 2BCA-200007-CS
Protect your heater and prevent scale buildup with Stain & Scale, the eco-friendly weekly solution that contains no phosphates.

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Scum Free
SKU: 2BCA-200008-CS
Keep your Hot tub sparkling clean and clear with Scum Free, the enzyme-based solution that eliminates oils and biofilm, improves water quality, and extends the time between draining cycles.
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Super Clarifier
SKU: 2BCA-200009-CS
Experience crystal clear hot tub water with Super Clarifier, the weekly treatment that eliminates oils and cloudy particles while remaining eco-conscious with its chitosan-based formula.

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SKU: 2BCA-200010-CS
Say goodbye to unwanted hot tub foam with Defoamer - a reliable and gentle solution that tackles foaming caused by a range of factors, from water imbalances to personal care residue.

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Filter Free
SKU: 2BCA-200011-CS
Achieve a deeper clean for your cartridge filters with Filter Free, as it effectively removes oils, dirt, and scale when mixed with water, just remember to thoroughly rinse the filter after use.
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SKU: 2BCA-200011-CS
Experience a powerful and efficient clean with our low-sudsing formula that effectively removes dirt and stubborn calcium spots.
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Calcium Booster
SKU: 2BCA-200012-CS
Maintain optimal calcium hardness levels with Calcium Booster to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your hot tub.

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Alkalinity Booster
SKU: 2BCA-200013-CS
Keep your hot tub water in perfect balance with Alkalinity Booster, which ensures total alkalinity levels stay between 100 - 130 ppm for a clean and enjoyable soak experience.

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pH Up
SKU: 2BCA-200014-CS
Ensure optimal hot tub water balance with pH Up, which raises PH levels to the recommended range of 7.2 - 7.8 for a refreshing and relaxing hot tub experience.

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pH Down
SKU: 2BCA-200015-CS
Maintain optimal pH levels in your hot tub with pH Down, keeping it within the recommended range of 7.2 - 7.8.

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WhirlPool & Tub Rinse
SKU: 2BCA-200016-CS
Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your hot tub with our powerful cleaning and degreasing solution, designed to tackle tough build-up, and maintain your equipment with ease.
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Cover Care
SKU: 2BCA-200017-CS
Protect and revitalize your hot tub cover from the damaging effects of the sun with Cover Care - the all-in-one solution that restores and cleans for a longer lasting, healthier hot tub cover experience.
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SKU: 2BCA-200018-CS
Protect your hot tub and keep it looking new with our silicone-based sealer, polish, and cleaner that defends against chemicals, temperature changes, and sunlight; simply as needed.
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Spa Soft Supreme
SKU: 2BCA-200018-CS
Experience crystal clear water with reduced skin and eye irritation using Spa Soft Supreme, a compatible water conditioner and enhancer for all types of algaecide and sanitizers.
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SKU: 2BCA-200019-CS
Enjoy a healthier and more comfortable hot tub experience with our product that quickly reduces chlorine and bromine levels in your hot tub water.

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