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Find My Hot Tub

Coast Spas has developed a unique and innovative solution to make the hot tub buying process easier for our customers. Using a proprietary algorithm, we have created a personalized experience for our customers by asking 7 questions related to preferences and needs, including the number of people who will use the hot tub, their height, weight, seating preference, the number of jets, and intended purpose.

This personalized approach allows our customers to easily determine which Coast Spas hot tub is the most suitable for them. By answering these seven questions, the algorithm presents the customer with options that meet their unique preferences and needs.

This approach demonstrates Coast Spas commitment to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. By utilizing our proprietary algorithm, Coast Spas can ensure that our customers are getting the best possible hot tub experience tailored specifically to their individual needs.

Don't wait, start your personalized journey today and discover the hot tub solution that's perfect for you. let's get started!

Seating Capacity

To help us find the right hot tub for you, can you give us an idea of how many people you would like to be able to accommodate in the seating area?
2 Adults
3 Adults
4 Adults
5 Adults
6 Adults
7 Adults
8 People

Height difference can impact your experience

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your hot tub, so please let us know the estimated height range of the users. Based on this information, we'll recommend the perfect hot tub size for you.
Below 1.75m
Above 1.75m

Safety Regulation: It is recommended that children should not be in a hot tub unsupervised.

Seating according to your weight (lbs) for maximum comfortability

To ensure that we recommend the hot tub with the most comfortable seating for you, could you please provide us with an estimated average weight range of a user that you would like us to consider?

Seating Layout

What kind of seating do you prefer? Do you want to enjoy soaking whlie laying down (choose lounger) or would you prefer sitting down (choose bench)

Does privacy matter to you?

Coast Spas proudly present the extraordinary Curve collection, an innovative and unparalleled addition to the world of hot tubs. This remarkable and exclusive line features a distinct raised back that not only showcases a mesmerizing 24" waterfall ™ but also serves as a wind barrier, ensuring optimal comfort and safeguarding your privacy.

What is your usage?

What might be your general usage? The relaxation option is recommended for the hot water soaking & socializing and the health & wellness option is recommended for hydrotherapy and massage.

Number of jets

Choose the number of massage jets according to your preference, the greater number of jets gives you more hydrotherapy & massage.

When are you looking to buy a hot tub?


* The recommendations provided by this tool are based on the information you have provided and are intended to provide general guidance only.
The tool does not take into account your individual circumstances or objectives. You should consider seeking professional advice from our experts or your nearest dealer.