Water Care



Enjoy a hot tub and swim spa experience that is clean, clear, and stress free with Coast Spas commitment to water care. We understand that maintaining proper water balance and cleanliness is essential to ensure the longevity and overall enjoyment of your hot tub or swim spa. That's why we offer a range of specially formulated water treatment chemical products designed to make water care easy and stress-free. By following the four recommended pillars of water care and using our recommended products, you can relax and enjoy your hot tub or swim spa year-round, knowing that your water is clean and clear. Enhance your hot tub or swim spa experience and protect your investment by prioritizing water care with Coast Spas.

Four Pillars of Water Care

Water monitoring
  • Keeping an eye on your hot tub or swim spa water is essential for a clean and hygienic experience. By regularly testing and monitoring the water's chemistry, you can make sure it's properly balanced, free from harmful bacteria and contaminants, and hygienic for you to use. If you don't monitor the water quality, it could cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and other health concerns. Plus, regular water monitoring helps your hot tub or swim spa last longer by preventing damage caused by improper chemical levels or buildup of contaminants. Keep your water clean and healthy by monitoring it regularly.
  • Sanitation System
  • A clean and healthy hot tub or swim spa is essential for a great experience. That's why having a proper sanitation system is crucial. It helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infections and illnesses. Sanitation also ensures that the water stays clean, clear, and hygienic for your use, while also keeping the hot tub and swim spa components in good shape for a longer period of time. If you don't maintain a clean and sanitary hot tub or swim spa, it can lead to unpleasant odors, skin irritation, and other health hazards. To prevent this, it's important to establish a regular sanitation system that includes appropriate chemical treatment from Coast Spas, monitoring the condition of your filtration system , and regular cleaning.
  • Water Balance
  • Having balanced water in your hot tub or swim spa is super important for a few reasons. Firstly, it keeps the water clean and clear, so you can enjoy a healthy and safe soak without worrying about any harmful bacteria or contaminants. Secondly, it helps protect your hot tub or swim spa equipment and surfaces from damage caused by corrosion or scaling. And lastly, balanced water ensures a comfortable and hygienic experience for you and your loved ones. If the water is imbalanced, it can cause skin irritation, eye irritation, and other health issues.
  • Pre-Care
  • Taking care of your hot tub or swim spa before use is just as important as maintaining it regularly. Using specialised water chemicals is essential for ensuring clean, clear, and healthy water for bathers. It helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae and prolongs the life of your hot tub and swim spa components. By balancing the water's pH level, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness, you can make sure that the chemicals from Coast Spas you add to the water are effective and that the water is safe and comfortable for bathers. It's also important to test the water's chemical levels regularly to catch any imbalances early on and avoid bigger problems later.
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    Coast Spas Manufacturing is proud to offer the world's leading and exclusive Hydro-cyclonic filtration system, a revolutionary technology that is an integrated system that sets the standard for hot tub filtration. Our innovative filtration system works by creating a powerful whirlpool effect that circulates and traps debris, dirt, and other contaminants, leaving your hot tub water crystal clear and sparkling clean. This not only provides an exceptional hot tub experience for you and your guests, but it also helps to save on maintenance and upkeep costs by reducing the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments. In addition, our cyclonic filtration system is designed to be low-maintenance, with easy-to remove filters that can be quickly and easily cleaned or replaced as needed.

    Benefits of Hydro Cyclonic Filtration®

    • 83% faster & 20% more efficient than skim filtration systems.
    • The largest filter available on any spa - 175 sq.ft
    • No dirty filter sitting in the spa water.
    • Captured contaminants will not re-enter the spa water.

    Low Maintenance Cost

    • We prioritize low maintenance costs and pure water. Our technology extends water life, saving on chemicals and energy needed to drain and refill the hot tub, so you can relax and enjoy without worrying about upkeep.

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    Coast Spas Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System

    Indulge in the ultimate hot tub experience with Coast Spas unique hydro cyclonic filtration system - enjoy crystal-clear water that's free from debris, maintenance friendly and energy efficient, giving you peace of mind and the clean water you deserve. Experience unparalleled water clarity and enhanced filtration that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.



    The Coast Spas Care Saltwater System is an innovative water care solution that is easy to use and takes a natural and gentle approach to hot tub water maintenance. Over 3 years in the making, from research, design and testing the system generates chlorine from salt, you won't need to worry about harsh chemicals making hot tub maintenance incredibly easy. The Coast Spas Care Saltwater System generates chlorine from a small amount of salt that is added and distributed evenly throughout the water, keeping it clean and free of harmful bacteria. The system also balances the pH levels of the water freeing up more time for you to enjoy your hot tub. It is easy to program and use not only for experienced hot tub users but also for those first time buyers.

    Benefits of Coast Spas Care Salt Water System™

    • Natural and Gentle Approach to water maintenance – the system consistently monitors the pH & chlorine levels, so it only produces what is needed so there are fewer chemicals in the water which helps reduce the water maintenance time and makes the water last longer. This also reduces costs and the number of times draining and filling is required conserving an important natural resource. The other benefit is there isn’t residual chlorine that can often smell and irritate the nose, eyes and skin so bathers have a more natural hot tub experience and enjoy the hot tub more often and for longer periods of time.
    • Floating in salt water is made easier because of its higher density compared to unsalted water. This increased buoyancy lessens the effect of gravity on joints and muscles, providing relief and relaxation to the body and mind. Spending just 20 minutes in a hot tub daily can transform muscle tension into comfort, calm a restless mind, and enhance overall wellness.
    • Easy to Use – With simple instructions and easy to read and use controls, it is not only for the experienced hot tub user but also first time buyers.
    • The Coast Spas Care Salt System is an integral component of every 2023 Coast Spas Opulence Series hot tub. With its pre-plumbed design, the system doesn't need any extra or unattractive plumbing materials. You only require a start-up kit to get the system up and running. This ensures reliability, preserves the hot tubs appearance, and helps to keep the system cost-effective.

    User Manual

    Coast Spas' Cares Salt Water System® requirements

    The best salt is a food-quality granulated salt, a 99.9% pure salt or solar salt. These types of salt should be purchased from a pool store and are designed for use with chlorine generators. Do not use rock salt, iodized salt or salt with anti-caking additives. Do not use salt with more than 1% yellow prussiate of soda. The optimum salt level is between 2000-2200 ppm. Use the chart below to determine the amount of salt for your spa. The column on the left is the amount of water in your spa. The row on the top is the current salt level measured in your spa. Always check your salt level before adding salt to the hot tub even if this is your first time. Prior use of liquid chlorine and tablets could have caused an increase in salt levels. Salt should not be removed from the spa water unless the salinity exceeds 4000 ppm or the salinity of the water is undesirable. The only way to remove salt is by draining the water and adding fresh water.


    User Manual


    Cyanuric Acid/Stabilizer/Conditioner (Required with uncovered outdoor spas only) Cyanuric acid, CYA, (also known as stabilizer or conditioner) prevents rapid breakdown of chlorine by direct sunlight. Maintain CYA concentrations between 50-80 ppm by diluting with fresh water. Regulations may exist regarding use of Cyanuric acid in spas; please consult with your spa professional. Use the following chart to determine the amount of Cyanuric acid needed. Test water with a test kit that includes CYA testing, then use the table below to determine the amount to add. Note: Indoor spas do not require the addition of CYA.


    Unit Maintenance

    Inspecting the Cell
    - The cell should be inspected every 3 months. Unplug the Coast Spas Care Salt Water System from the GFCI socket. Inspect the cell for scaling (white, sugar-like) deposit. If scaling exists, the cell should be cleaned.
    Cleaning the cell
    - Clean the cell, make sure the power supply is not plugged into the socket. Alarge cup should be used. Fill the cup with enough white vinegar to submerge the entire cell. Place the entire cell into the cup for 20 minutes. Remove the cell and make sure all scaling is gone. If the scaling remains, repeat the process. After the scale is removed, rinse the cell with fresh water.