Commercial Grade

Filtration System


Water Clearer, Cleaner than the Competition

Coast Spas is the only residential spa manufacturer using a closed pressurized system, just like what you find in a large, commercial private or public pool. The patented technology of our Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System works inside a separate chamber where tornado-like action cleanses your water, locking debris and contaminants in the filter and chamber – for good, even when turned off.

Adding to this unique hygienic system, our filter cartridges come in sizes up to 175 square feet, the largest in the industry. Bigger is better, allowing improved water flow that puts less stress on your system while doing more work to ensure crystal clear waters for your enjoyment.


Learn the Difference - Hydro Cyclonic VS Skim Filtration

Residential spas typically put their filters, and all the gunk collected in them, sitting in same water you do. That yuck can easily flow back into your bathing area when the jets are off. Good thing Coast Spas aren’t typical.